Relevant Data, Relevant Innovation:

Pragmatic Digital Transformation 

Playing in the digital world is quite different. Pioneering digital customer value, pertnering, changing to agile working behaviors are new competencies to be professionalized. This calls for a revision of the Vision, Mission and Strategy framework. Together we install a new beacon for the exciting change journey ahead and will forward your existing strength and core know-how into your new digital driven growth.

What Challenges Clients face

Digital Innovation Problems

  • No Speed with too Complex Offerings
  • No Customer Excitement or Breakthrough
  • Exploding cost with marginal Earnings if any


  • Basing the offer on Big Data Analytics - instead of focussing on relevant data to deliver fast customer value.

  • Being enthusiasitc to build a holistic own technology stack - instead of partnering for speed and scaling.

  • Targeting to deliver as first product the "uniquehorn" - instead of fast prototype probing with the customer and selling early first digital values
  • Pushing to sell the digital and service centric offers through existing sales channels - instead of identifying multipliers in the market for the new offers. 
  • Trying to copy data centric business service models - instead of adjusting to the uniqueness and strength of each company.

Where We Help


Give your digital growth transformation an empowering statement in your business vision. Show passion. It is a change to innovate and win.


Explaining the purpose with the mission, why and what to achieve is a great invest into the most valueable asset in the company - the teams, coworkers or staff in general. If the "Why" is understood, you release into your change the power of cooperation.


Strategy delivering the implementation is subject to permanent change, as also the environment of your enterprise is permanently changing - and with digital it is even faster changing. For sure the Strategy needs an update.

Most of the work in the digital change resides in the strategy formulation and implementation. There you generate your new digital customer journey, defining the customer value, your right to play and what you need as ability to play. Having done this you are all set to realize your digital transformation and growth vision. Leading innovation, leading the markets and escaping the commodity trap is done here.

What We Do

Tuning up your machine

The three elements

Right to Play

Often new digital values have to be promoted to the market and customer target group. But are you in the eyes of these customers the natural choice or are there other channels to deploy to even scale faster with.

We have successful recipees.

Ability to Play 

Are you able to deliver the "NEW" digital innovation. Are you deploying a reasonable technology stack to promote your core offering and know-how. Are you able to pivot your offers fast and get the knowledgable skills and partners fast.

The network available with us, will solve.

Customer Value

Innovation is what is new for the customer and for what he is willing to pay for.

We are used to play the devil's advocate to eliminate all home grown assumptions.


With the experiences available across many industries and company sizes and the network behind, Digital Innovation Strategy Consultants will deliver to you a unique fact and execution oriented strategy to enhance your Digital Innovation towards the targeted market.